Data Analysis Services

Harness the power of your organizational data


Collect and store your data from different sources seamlessly and securely.


Gain insights from your data with powerful analysis techniques, including machine learning.


Grow and improve your business using highly customized reports, analysis, and visualizations.

Data Analytics Services for Martha's Vineyard

You likely have a wealth of organizational data (even as an island business), and you may not even know about it. Why miss out on your data? Our goal is to help you realize the potential of your data to really understand your audiences and make informed business decisions.

We are here to help you take your data from confusing, unorganized, and underutilized to clear, streamlined, and automated.

Data Analysis & Reporting

Through our collaborative approach, we will build dashboards and reports that help you see meaningful features of your business. Uncover insights in audience engagement, customer acquisition, and opportunities for growth.

With the right insights, you can measure your progress and convert browsers into buyers.

Data Automation

We help you align your different sources of data to uncover patterns in your business, understand your customer behavior, and identify trends in your industry.

With a focus on system integrations and APIs—Application Programming Interfaces—leave no data behind. We build data workflows that are simple, reusable, and can really scale.

Data Modeling and Storage

We help with collecting, analyzing, and storing data. With the aid of diagrams and visualizations, we can distill the complexities of your business into manageable models.

Let us do the heavy lifting of building relational databases, ingesting and migrating data, and managing security and updates.

Data Quality

The only thing worse than missing data is messy data!

Our passion is getting your data clean and guiding you in implementing a strategy for cohesive, organized data are our specialties.

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