The Sound Data Solutions Story

The Name

The word "sound" has a dual meaning. Sound stands for the Vineyard Sound, the stretch of Atlantic Ocean where it all began. It also stands for the durability and quality of the results Sound Data Solutions produces.

Sound Data Solutions is a web design and data analytics agency on Martha's Vineyard that uses sound technology to improve the online presence of small businesses and nonprofits.

The Designer

Matthew Fisher, the designer behind Sound Data Solutions, was born on the island of Martha's Vineyard and raised here. He admired his father's website - one of Martha's Vineyard's first - and the mission of getting Martha's Vineyard businesses online in the early days of the Internet. Captivated by the emerging technologies of the Internet, Matthew explored web development, software development, and data analytics. He started developing games on a small online developer community. Over the years, he developed these skills into more practical expertise.

Matthew Fisher, MSCIS

Web designer and IT consultant for Martha's Vineyard small businesses and nonprofits.

While completing his Bachelor of Arts degree at Ithaca College, Matthew read textbooks and learned to program in C++ in his spare time, while also working as a teaching assistant for Computers and Information Technology. He worked for a number of years in an administrative role at a nonprofit organization, where he had responsibility for communications and information technology. Since then, he has worked in a full-time capacity as a Systems Administrator in financial services, responsible for developing, integrating, and maintaining technology solutions in a multi-cloud environment.

In 2022, Matthew completed a Master of Science degree in Computer Information Systems at Boston University with a concentration in Data Analytics. In this program, he learned technical skills in software engineering, data analytics, and machine learning, all with a practical business focus. He is excited to apply these skills to the unique challenges faced by organizations on Martha's Vineyard and in surrouding areas.

The Mission

The mission of Sound Data Solutions is to get businesses online and improve their digital presence. Using modern web technologies and data analytics methodologies, Sound Data Solutions seeks to create lasting connections between Island businesses and their customers.

Sound Data Solutions was founded in 2022 and specializes in building, integrating, and continuously improving modern websites for small businesses and nonprofits. Connect with Sound Data Solutions to see how we can help you.

The Services

Web Design

  • Engage and cultivate your audience
  • Improve your online presence
  • Boost profitability


  • Improve operational efficiencies
  • Automate data workflows
  • Get insights for making informed business decisions


Let's get in touch to see how we can work together on your web design or analytics project.