Charting a Greener Path: Our Sustainability Journey

Learn about our proactive measures to calculate and offset carbon emissions, and our commitment to holistic, eco-friendly practices in the digital realm.
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As 2024 begins to unfold, we at Sound Data Solutions are excited to share initial results in one of our most pressing impact areas: environmental sustainability.

Our journey toward a greener digital future begin earnestly in 2023, and we wanted to share a glimpse into our efforts and insights into why we believe they're just the beginning.

Calculating our Emissions

Getting clear on our environmental impact was the first crucial step. We took a dual-lens approach, focusing on both our operational and client-related carbon footprint.

We pulled the total emissions from each category into a Google Sheet that looks like this:

Operational Footprint: Using our 2023 expenses data from Xero, we employed Normative's Business Carbon Calculator. This helped us gauge our annual emissions stemming from our operational activities.

Client Footprint: To assess the impact of our client work, we turned to a straightforward formula:

Activity Rate x Emissions Factor
(page views) x (grams CO2 per page view)

Using Google Analytics for page views and applying an emissions factor from Wholegrain Digital's Website Carbon Calculator, we estimated the carbon cost per page view for each client.

2.99 metric tons
2023 total CO2 emissions

Our efforts culminated in 2.99 metric tons of CO2 emissions in 2023, a figure that provides a benchmark for future improvement. We offset our entire footprint with TerraPass, an organization investing in emissions reductions projects, while helping businesses and individuals.

We selected TerraPass for our carbon offsets as one of the few organizations whose offsets and credits are independently verified.

Why Offsets?

Immediate action: Despite acknowledging the need for deeper change, we wanted to make an immediate impact. Carbon offsets allow us to support global efforts in emissions reduction through projects like renewable energy initiatives and reforestation.

Responsibility in the digital age: Our choice to invest in carbon offsets aligns with our ethos of responsible digital citizenship, acknowledging our environmental footprint while striving for better solutions.

Beyond Offsets: A Holistic Strategy

While carbon offsets are a significant step, we believe they are not a standalone solution. True sustainability comes from a holistic approach, combining both direct and indirect actions.

  1. Direct actions: We're actively exploring ways to reduce our footprint further. This includes setting page weight budgets with clients, and refining our development and operational practices.
  2. Community involvement: Investing in local environmental initiatives not only helps mitigate climate change but also supports our communities. We're looking into local projects that we can actively participate in.
  3. Sustainable business practices: We're committed to continuous improvement in our sustainability reporting, and encouraging eco-friendly practices among our teams and clients.

Looking Ahead

As we navigate 2024, we're determined to drive meaningful change in the digital landscape. We're not just focused on mitigating our current impact; we're actively exploring innovative ways to redefine what it means to be a sustainable digital business.

Join us on this journey as we continue to learn, adapt, and contribute to a healthier planet.

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